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Apax Partners Looking to Sell Epicor Software Corp

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apax Partners, owner of Epicor Software is looking to sell the company.  It was pretty well known when Apax bought Epicor and Activant a few years back and combined them that it was a relatively short term play to increase the value and then sell the company. At the [...]

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Epicor Consulting

Epicor 9 Consulting, Upgrades & Services Epicor Consulting Services by Clients First Business Solutions Clients First knows that selecting and implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is a major project for a company.  Whether its a replacement for an existing solution or a first time implementation.  Reasons for change can run the gamut and [...]

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Epicor 9 Quick Tip

Avoiding database corruption using Favorites When you create a Favorite or Shortcut in E9, you are not only pointing to the particular function such as Sales Order Entry, but also to a specific database and company.  This is how you can setup a favorites icon to, for example, open up Sales Order Entry for more [...]

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