‘Petya’ Ransomware Outbreak Goes Global

As you are may be aware, 'Petya' is the latest global Ransomware outbreak.  Just a month ago it was WannaCry.  Petya does WannaCry one better.  Instead of merely encrypting all your data files on all vulnerable servers and computers on your network, it makes them unbootable without paying the ransom and even then the odds [...]

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So You Want to Build Your Own PC? Tips for the Beginner

In this post, we invited a guest blogger, Jackie Edwards to write about the idea of building your own PC.  This is a surprisingly popular past time.  It's a great way for you or your children to learn much more about what makes that PC on their desk actually tick and is a way to [...]

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RansomWare Attacks Up 50% in Last Year

According to ZDNet, in THIS article, Ransomware attacks are up a whopping 50% over the last year.  They are now the #1 source of data loss and business downtime exceeding all other reasons. This article gives you the details and even history of RansomWare which actually dates all the way back to 1989. Ransomware creators [...]

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Automatic Server Failover – A New Information Page

If you’ve ever wanted a solution that doesn’t just back up your data, but ensures that no matter what happens, virus, disk crash or disaster, your company can be up and running again in minutes, your wait is over. Our new information page summarizes EverSafe! and includes and short informational video as well. EverSafe! constantly [...]

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EverSafe Backup & Business Continuity

ERP & CRM software requires a Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity solution EverSafe! Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution is the solution that Clients First Technology Solutions brought to the market last year.   It continues to build momentum in our ERP & CRM market space and with so many different threats to your IT Systems continuity, [...]

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Datto vs Axcient: A Comparison

For end to end comprehensive Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions on the mind for so many companies ravaged by outages and weather, we compare the two most popular solutions for small and mid-sized companies by Mark Chinsky Note: Updated 11/11/13 Ever since the back to back hits of Hurricane Irene & Sandy in the [...]

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