Breaking News…

imageV-Technologies/Sage will be announcing soon, but it’s been confirmed that the Starship for MAS 90 and MAS 200 solution is no longer going to be sold and ‘officially recommended’ through Sage.

Starship is the solution you use to automatically manifest packages with UPS, Fedex and others directly from within MAS90 and MAS200.  It handles the appropriate label printing, customer notifications and feeds back the cost and tracking information to MAS90 and MAS200 so that customer service representatives can give customers the latest package tracking information.

You’ll still be able to buy the solution through Sage VAR’s that sign up with V-Technologies directly.    There are other solutions as well including some creative ones where we directly integrate with UPS and Fedex via the newer Business Objects Interface (BOI).

Sources tell me that the issue came down to money.  Sage takes a big chunk of margin from these 3rd parties in order to make the the ‘officially blessed’ solution and that cut was just too high for V-Technologies versus the marketing/support they were getting.

My guess is that they know that there is now so much name recognition in the channel that their sales won’t be affected too much and they will keep a much higher percentage of each sale for some years to come.  I don’t believe Sage has a competitive solution waiting in the wings but time will tell.  We’ll update this post if something changes.