Many will say that Cloud computing is the future and the only way to go.  While there certainly are benefits to setting up your business system in the Cloud, it’s not the only solution we recommend.  In fact, the Systems Engineering department here at Client’s First has been successfully installing complete onsite business systems since the days of Windows NT, one of Microsoft’s first network server operating systems.

Keeping the philosophy in mind, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, we offer a hybrid approach to Cloud computing.  This involves physical onsite servers at your business and backups of your servers in the Cloud.  With a hybrid approach there is no single point of failure.  For example, you can keep your servers and data accessible at your physical location, without having to worry about an Internet outage or a hardware issue.  If there is a disaster at your physical location we can “spin up” a copy of your server(s) in the Cloud and give you access right away if necessary.

In addition, servers installed onsite at your business can be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world as if you were sitting in the office. Further, we take pride in our attention to detail and how we set things up “the right way”, thus ensuring high uptime, minimal downtime and few service incidents.

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Clients First is a local company with national reach. With offices across the continental United States we are able to offer personalized, local service in a number of markets. No crossing time zones, no excess travel costs, no need to use multiple vendors to complete your project.

We focus on providing our clients with solutions to fit THEIR business, not ours.