Importance of Protecting your Data via Security

securityImplementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV gives your business the ability to see all aspects of your business in one place. It is important to keep this information secure. Employees should have their access limited to the information necessary to perform the tasks related to their job. With that being said, you also need to limit what they can do with the information.

Locking down the ability to delete records, modify post transactions, change fields are essential to ensure the continuity and accuracy of transactions.

Create End-User Documentation – In order for the System Administrator and Implementation Specialist to know what permissions are needed it is important for the users to document the processes they are doing on a daily basis. Please see the following blog post “ERP Documentation-Why it’s so important” for more information.

Create Security Roles – Roles should be defined by specific tasks performed by Users. For example – your Customer Service department enters orders, your warehouse ships the orders and your accounting department posts the invoices. Therefore separate Roles should be created for Sales Order Entry, Sales Order Posting, and Sales Order Shipping. This ensures that each step of the process is reviewed and posted by the appropriate staff.

It is always better to assign too little than too much. When a user tries to do a task that he/she has not been granted permissions to they will receive an error message with the exact permission they are lacking. It is then up to the System Administrator to decide if that permission is warranted for that particular user.

NAV Easy Security is an add-on to NAV that makes it quite painless to assign permissions for multiple users across multiple groups and companies. Among its benefits are

  • Ability to create groups of roles
  • Ability to assign users the same permissions as another user – this way you only have to maintain one user.
  • Use "Permissions as User ID"
  • Summary of permissions for a login
  • Ability restore previous permissions with Restore Points
  • Simplified administration
  • Easily add multiple roles or objects
  • Add relations based on Source Code