Projected MRP Procurement Costs for specified MRP Scenario
This report will prompt the user for the desired MRP Scenario and Price List. The report lists all the buy items in the respective MRP scenario, displaying the cost, multiplied by requested quantity. This is an ideal report to use when doing What-If MRP Scenario’s in SAP Business One to get an idea of what your procurement costs will be.

SELECT T1.[MsnCode] AS ‘Scenario’,
T0.[DueDate] AS ‘Due Date’,
T0.[ItemCode] AS ‘Item’,
T2.[ItemName] AS ‘Desc’,
T0.[Quantity] AS ‘PO Qty’,
T3.[Price] AS ‘Price’,
T0.[Quantity]*T3.[Price] AS ‘AP Cost’
FROM ORCM T0 INNER JOIN OMSN T1 ON T0.[ObjAbs] = T1.[AbsEntry]
INNER JOIN OITM T2 ON T0.ItemCode = T2.ItemCode
INNER JOIN ITM1 T3 ON T2.ItemCode = T3.ItemCode
INNER JOIN OPLN T4 ON T3.PriceList = T4.ListNum
WHERE T1.[MsnCode] =[%0] AND T4.[ListName] =[%1]
ORDER BY T0.[DueDate]