Today’s blog is a continuation of our series SAP Business One Consulting, Notes from the Road.  Our SAP Business One consulting team has taken the time from their busy schedules to share their stories of how they’ve satisfied customers’ requirements in implementation and support.

An SAP Business One client recently shared their needs to fax or email a Returned Merchandise Authorization to a customer and properly handle the item and inventory upon return.

SAP Business One 9.0 allows for the configuration of an RMA procedure with the advent of User-Defined Fields (UDF’s) Formatted Search and Stored Procedures.

You SAP Business One system can be configured with a print layout that can include an auto-generated RMA number, using Formatted Search and Print Layout.

When a customer calls in or submits for a return, the return feature of Business One can be used to generate a “Draft” copy of the return.  This document can be attached to an Activity related email and automatically sent from Customer Service within Business One and included with the package.

When the package is receive at the Warehouse then the actual return is created from the Draft Document. This will then increase the Inventory in the appropriate Warehouse.  The customer can then get credited via a Credit Memo created from this Return.

Customers can greatly benefit by utilizing existing features and tools from within SAP Business One through configuration verses customization, avoiding significant added cost .

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