Today’s blog is a continuation of our series SAP Business One Consulting, Notes from the Road.  Our SAP Business One consulting team has taken the time from their busy schedules to share their stories of how they’ve satisfied customers’ requirements in implementation and support.

An SAP Business One 9.0 manufacturing client recently asked how to handle a scenario where they needed to identify suppliers’ components based on the serial number of their finished goods, utilizing Serial Numbers and Queries in SAP Business One 9.0.  Additionally, the client wanted to identify the finished good that was manufactured using a particular serialized part / component.

Similar to a lot trace, used in FDA regulated environments, this client needed to create a mechanism where they could identify faulty components in finished goods that have been returned.  Also, the client could receive recall reports from the component manufacturers and needed the ability to proactively notify their customers when finished goods were potentially defective.

In the first scenario, where the client wants to identify the serialized components that comprise a finished good, a query was developed to query multiple tables, including the (OGN1) Goods Receipt Table.  This query returns the goods received (using serial tracking) for a particular serial tracked finished good item.

Similar to the first scenario, the second query developed also queries multiple tables to return the results of which serialized finished goods contain a particular component that is serial tracked.  However, in the second scenario, the query developed looks instead at the (OGE1) Good Issued Table to determine which finished good contains a particular serialized component.

Queries, once developed can be stored in the Query Manager of SAP Business One, for quick retrieval of the data desired.  In this instance, the client now has the ability to quickly product a forwards or backwards facing lookup to determine the components in a finished good as well as the customer who receives a particular potentially faulty part.  This query prompts the user for either the finished good or component serial number (separate queries), and returns the results of the query into the Query Results Screen.

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