Today’s blog is a continuation of our series SAP Business One Consulting, Notes from the Road.  Our SAP Business One consulting team has taken the time from their busy schedules to share their stories of how they’ve satisfied customers’ requirements in implementation and support.

An SAP Business One 9.0 client recently asked how to handle a scenario where SAP Business One needs to consider only ‘on hand-committed’ inventory, without considering open purchase orders as Available to Promise.  This Blog features a discussion on the availability to sell an item, through the addition of adding a UDF and Formatted Search to enhance SAP Business One 9.0.

Available to sell can be configured in the Item Master Data Window.  First a UDF is established at the Warehouse level and a query is created to identify the scenario of availability inventory, minus open Purchase Orders.  Our consultant then linked the saved query to the User Defined Field “Available to Sell” on Items Master Data using a Formatted Search.  Now, when a customer service representative is browsing through items, the ‘Available to Sell’ quantity will appear under the Inventory Data tab in the Item’s Master Data.

This same functionality can be applied to Accounts Receivable documents by adding the UDF to a Marketing Document’s rows.   If you would like the A/R Document to display item’s total available to sell quantity, meaning available in all warehouses all together, create and save a query that considers all Warehouse Locations.

It’s important to remember that if query the option is selected to display the items available to sell quantity in a specific warehouse, the user would need to refresh the Formatted Search manually (by hitting Shift+F2 on the ‘Available to Sell’ UDF) whenever overwriting the default warehouse with a different one.

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