SAP Business One – Change Item Descriptions

SAP Business One Change Item Descriptions on Marketing Documents

Did you know that you can change an item description on all marketing documents such as Purchase Quotations, Goods Receipt, Goods Returns, AP Invoice, Sales Quotations, Purchase Orders, AP Invoice, Sales Orders, Delivery Notes, etc?)

This nice feature is either forgotten or never learned by many users.  Follow the steps here to change the descriptions ‘on the fly’ for items on these documents.

  1. Enter or choose the item number as usual
  2. Click on the Item Description field.  (If your description field is not ‘editable’ use Form Settings to make it Active).
  3. Make your changes in the description field
  4. Hit Alt-Tab to exit the Item Description field and go to the next field on the line.  The Alt-Tab is what tells Business One to actually save your changes. If you just tab off the field, your changes will be lost.
  5. This change is saved within the marketing document so when you print or retrieve it in the future your specific changes to this particular document number is saved.

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