numbers In some cases a company wishes to continue A/R invoice numbering from a legacy system in SAP Business One. In order to do this you would open Document Numbering under Administration >> System Initialization >> Document Numbering. On the line for A/R invoices click in First No. field and enter the number of the first invoice that will be created in SAP B1.

You may find however that you are unable to change this number nor the Next No . This is due to an invoice having already been created. SAP will not let you increment the First No. after invoices have been created in the system. So what to do now? You can either use manual invoice numbering or create a new number series for A/R Invoices and set it as the default.

Manual numbering requires no setup. You just change the series to “Manual” in the A/R Invoice screen and enter the invoice number you desire. This works ok for pre-numbered invoices but not so well if you don’t know the next number.

In order to define a new numbering series for A/R Invoices do the following:

  1. Open the Document Numbering screen.
  2. Double click the row header to the left of the A/R invoices row. This should open the Series – A/R Invoices Setup window.
  3. Right click on the number 1 next to the row named “Primary” and select Add Row from the menu.
  4. A new line is now created and you cursor is in the name field. Enter the appropriate data for the new numbering series.
    1. Name
    2. First No. –This will be the first invoice number created the next time someone opens A/R Invoicing.
    3. Next No. – Auto populated.
    4. Last No. – Enter a maximum invoice number for this series if desired.
    5. Prefix/Suffix – Not used in 2007.
    6. Remarks
    7. Group – chose to limit use to the selected user group.
    8. Lock – To prevent usage

5. You can also link a numbering series to a particular Financial period if desired.

6. Once you finish filling in the required data click update. You may get a warning that the numbering series overlap. You need to populate the Last No. for the Primary series to a number lower than the First No. of the new series.

7. Don’t click the Set as Default button yet.

8. Click OK to close the Series – A/R Invoices Setup window.

9. Click update on the Document Numbering Setup window.

10. Re-open Document Numbering and double click on the A/R Invoices row header again.

11. Select your new numbering series and click Set as Default. You will need to choose one of the options as to which users (All, current, or Certain users) to apply this default to.

12. Click the update button, close the Series – A/R Invoices Setup window, and Update the Document Numbering Setup window.

You can now close Document Numbering and test this out by opening the A/R Invoice window. Your new numbering series should default in and the number indicated should be the First No. that you indicated. You may want to repeat the process for A/R Credit memos.

Thanks to Don Shields from our Texas Office