opinionDennis Howlett ‘AccMan’ recently wrote a blog post talking about how some analysts (Gartner in this case) asked some questions of those using the SAP Business By Design solution went about their purchase.

You can read the post at the link but I did find something troubling.

It sounded like many of the people who bought this SAAS or Cloud Solution did so without seeing much or any of the product and without doing any investigation of alternatives.  That likely means they also didn’t do much or any analysis of fit or function.  They bought on the SAP Brand faith.  But for a product that has been ‘released’ for 3 years that still has large functional holes, I don’t see how you pay a monthly fee per user for a solution that is likely to require many external workarounds.

And since SaaS solutions are usually less customizable than premise counterparts, filling this gaps is going to require the vendor to acknowledge the gap and to fix it, often years down the road.

I just don’t see how drinking brand Kool-Aid is smart business and will likely create a black eye for the whole SaaS / Cloud market as disgruntled users are usually very vocal.  Just Google ‘netsuite sucks’ and you’ll see what I mean.

I don’t think the evaluation of a Hosted, SaaS or Cloud solution should at all involve the fact of how its licensed or hosted.  In the end, it needs to come down to how well it fits the needs of your business, what other companies like yours are successfully running it, and will it return more value to your business than you pay for it.

Just my humble opinion…