Do you want to simplify the consumption of raw materials on your production orders?  Routing link codes can do just that!

Routing link codes are an advanced feature in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  This functionality allows you to specify in which step of the manufacturing process the components are removed from inventory.  The use of routing link codes can simplify consumption reporting. 

Let’s take a look at how they work. 

The Production BOM No. and the Routing No. are assigned to the Finished Good item.  In this example, the finished good is the back wheel.






Let’s take a look at the Router: 


And the BOM:


As you can see from the screen prints, the routing link code is assigned on each operation where consumption will be flushed.  In my example after Rim assembly is completed, all the raw materials will be consumed.  The expected quantity from the production order will be used.  The flushing method on the item card for the raw material must be set to backward or forward.  If the flushing method is manual, the routing link code will not work.

We can go into the Output Journal and post the output and finish our first operation, Rim assembly.  


After we successfully post this, the inventory on our raw materials will be reduced for the expected amount.  Let’s take a look at the item ledger entry for item 1110, Rim.  You can see the last entry is for Consumption.   


I hope you can see how using routing link codes can simplify your production process and improve your efficiency.