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Prepare for the Modern Age with Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is now Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The last upgrade you’ll ever need.

Set for Life: The Cloud Upgrade You Need Today is the Last

The global health crisis, uncertain economy, and unpredictable pressure for widespread remote business operations don’t leave room for the cycle of expensive upgrades, costly server maintenance, data risks, and complex maintenance. If you are still running your business on a Dynamics NAV on-premise system, it’s time to get into the modern age and upgrade to Business Central in the cloud before it’s too late.

To help you get ahead of the business adaptation curve, impending mainstream support deadlines, and code discontinuation, we are offering an opportunity to spend some time with our talented team of enterprise software and infrastructure experts and lay out your personalized plan and path to a Business Central upgrade and give you a quote for up to 40% of your Business Central licenses. We welcome any and all existing Dynamics NAV customers to request a quote and receive:

  • Expert education into the upgrade process
  • Valuable tips on how to guarantee successful adoption
  • One-on-one upgrade advice from a team of professionals
  • A personalized, fixed-fee price for your Business Central upgrade

It’s Closing Time for Dynamics NAV On-Premise

The pressure is mounting to execute secure business process management, reporting, and administration from anywhere is mounting. Fax machines, pagers, and Walkmans all worked great up until they were replaced by technology that was more efficient and easier to use. Dynamics NAV is one of the best ERP systems in the world, but like those older technologies, it’s been rebuilt. Dynamics 365 Business Central is here, and it’s in the cloud. This is especially important now with the rapid change in how business operations are executed due to the global health crisis.

Microsoft has been upfront about the fact that Business Central is the future for their SMB customers. With mainstream support for NAV 2015 ending in April 2020, followed by NAV 2018 in 2023 – change is inevitable for existing Dynamics NAV on-premise customers.

To help you make this journey as smooth and transparent as possible, Clients First is offer a quick, personalize estimate and assessment for companies looking to migrate to Business Central from Dynamics NAV on-premise. To educate and prepare you for the future ahead, we’ll lay out your upgrade path and plan in detail. No surprises.

Why Upgrade to Business Central?

Simplify how your users access
data, share reports, analyzes insights, and makes decisions from anywhere with an intuitive, modern solution accessible on any device with an internet connection.
Give your employees the tools they need to gain deeper insights into your data with mobile access, integrated productivity apps, enhanced reporting, and Power BI integration.
Save on servers, server maintenance, software maintenance, upgrades, and support with a monthly subscription that includes storage, hosting, and nonstop access to your data from anywhere.
Access everything you need to do your job in a single platform, with all your data, applications, workflows, reports, and dashboards connected and readily accessible from one place.

Step into the future with Business Central—that’s what our latest resource is called and that’s exactly what it will help you do. Get the answers you’re looking for with this comprehensive guide on upgrading from NAV to Business Central.

From built-in functionality to specific mainstream support deadlines, you’ll get all the information you need to get prepared and make the right upgrade decisions.

Download the Clients First Complete Guide to Business Central

The Last Upgrade You'll Ever Need.

The Last Upgrade You’ll Ever Need.

Many companies are running on an older version of Dynamics NAV. Why? Because upgrade projects have traditionally been long and expensive – all risks you are especially avoiding right now; but there may be more risks in waiting it out with an outdated ERP.

Fueled by the Common Data Model and Microsoft Azure Cloud, Business Central offers a new approach to modifications and a new path forward for upgrades. They now happen automatically in the background, with minor updates pushed to your system instantly, with no more complications or time-consuming and expensive rewrites.

By upgrading to Business Central now, you’re investing in a future with the latest functionality, automatic updates, cutting-edge security, seamless integration, mobile access, faster performance, and enhanced reporting. Put bluntly, Business Central arms you to thrive in trying times, and prepares you with the tools you’ll need to flourish on the other side.

As market leaders in enterprise software and infrastructure, we understand the importance of implementing the right technology for your business, your people, and your budget. By scheduling a Dynamics NAV to Business Central Planning assessment, we can help you prepare and plan for the future and extend the best options for your Business Central licensing today.

Plan Your Business Central Upgrade Today

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