From our decades of experience implementing EDI solutions for scored of customers, we have developed tools and techniques to ensure that the fewest number of shipments you make to your customers are ‘charged back.’  Charge backs typically occur when a company ships products that were ordered via E.D.I. in a way that does not perfectly conform to their request.  Many companies, especially the major retailers, have whole departments who’s job it is to find reasons to charge back their suppliers.  Many are actually paid bonuses on the amount they find so it is critical for companies who supply these retailers, to have systems that are as accurate and efficient as possible.
Clients First Business Solutions, LLc has provided EDI services and solutions to our clients that are fully integrated with the supply chain cycle. This translates into lower EDI maintenance costs and reduced charge backs from trade partners. The Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution has an integrated mapping tool within the database that provides the user with flexibility when setting up EDI documents. Integrated processing ensures accurate data to enable compliance with trade partner mapping requirements. EDI documents with missing data are flagged for correction and can be easily updated. The result is that charge backs are prevented with real cost savings.
Just the simple fact that EDI is fully integrated within the solution in the same code-base means there are far less opportunities for data to get lost or corrupted when it is shuttling between outside EDI programs and the ERP solution.
EDI Mapping Tool
Within the Dynamics NAV solution are cross reference tables that allow easy translation of customers, ship-to addresses, and item numbers. The cross reference tables along with the mapping tool provide a single process between the EDI segments and elements and the NAV database. More accuracy means less data errors and less charge backs.
Typical documents in the supply chain include: 850, 810, 856,820 and 997. For the automotive industry, the 830 and 862 are available. For 3PL warehouse processing, 940 and 945 documents are used for easy tracking of shipments and shipment advices.
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Thanks to Mark Stept of Clients First for this article.