Epicor general information

Epicor Processing Fees


How to Reduce your Epicor Processing Fees Epicor is a powerful accounting tool that allows businesses to efficiently manage finances. It’s also a convenient way to accept credit cards. However, there’s a lot that goes into credit card processing fees. If you don’t fully understand how credit card fees work, you could be getting overcharged [...]

Epicor ERP


Epicor ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning software that is designed as an easy to use solution designed to meet the needs of mixed mode, make to order, configure to order, engineer to order and make to stock manufacturing companies.  It also has extensive distribution functionality making it ideal for distribution and hybrid organizations. As a [...]

EBizcharge for Epicor


EBizcharge is a PCI-compliant option, which provides business owners with strong security for credit card processing and transactions. Featuring the latest encryption and tokenization tools, EBizCharge can provide the best safety for your growing business. Compatible with online shopping carts and mobile devices, its geared for creating the best possible customer [...]

Epicor: Advanced Planning and Scheduling Module


When it comes to the production of a product, time to delivery is often a critical question which must be answered. For many firms, the solution to effectively estimate delivery time is an ERP system. Specifically, for those in the Manufacturing industry, we often recommend Epicor and it’s advanced planning and [...]

Ensuring a successful Epicor upgrade


In the latest release of Epicor ERP software, more than a decade of industry–driven functionality changes combine with a cloud–enabled technology framework to deliver a competitive advantage for your business. You will be ready to compete in the global marketplace, drive new levels of customer loyalty, and attract the talent your [...]

Epicor Upgrades


Epicor Upgrades are some of the most crucial elements that can exist within a given ERP solution. Implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning product is often considered the final step of the option that one has selected. In truth, it’s only the start of the process. With each software program, there comes a time where the [...]

Epicor Training


  Epicor Training is not only pivotal, but essential to the function of an ERP software solution. When selecting an Enterprise Resource Planning system, the first question asked must be, “Who can train us?” Purchasing an ERP solution for a business is an important decision in any company’s development. Being prepared to use the software [...]

Epicor Services


Epicor Services represent an important part of maintaining your expectations with an ERP solution. Implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning option is often regarded as an important step for any business. Without strong support by a solid team, a solution may end up proving less than successful. At Clients First, we’re not geared for the short-term [...]

Epicor Reseller


As an Epicor Reseller, maintaining the same level of quality the software producer puts into their product is essential. Offering a solution is one aspect, yet providing a service alongside it can be tricky for some. Presenting Enterprise Resource Planning software can have its own series of challenges and trials for the uninitiated. It’s easy [...]

Epicor Partner


An Epicor Partner is one of the most critical steps in developing an ERP solution for a business. Once a company begins looking at an Enterprise Resource Planning program, a key aspect becomes finding the right person for the job. Finding the finest option for your business is one element, making sure it’s done correctly [...]