How Sales Tax Can Impact Your Distribution Business


When it comes to taxes, your organization has a lot to deal with, both internally and externally. According to a recent study by the Wakefield Group, 75% of business accounting professionals admit that any audits would reveal major tax mistakes. The more your company grows and expands, the likelier that newer taxes will become pressing. [...]

Smart Technology For Distribution Companies


In today's tech-obsessed world, "smart warehouse" may seem like just another buzzword. We're already used to smartphones and other types of smart technology in our everyday lives, so it's natural to wonder what smart technology can do for businesses, including distribution companies. The reality is that smart warehouse technology is already making a significant difference [...]

Best LEAN Warehousing Takeaways


The worlds of warehousing and distribution are increasingly taking a page from the manufacturing playbook — and it has to do with adopting LEAN methodology. Originally applied to manufacturing processes to minimize waste and promote continuous improvement, the guiding principles behind LEAN are focused on providing ever better value to a business’s customers. Forward-thinking warehouse [...]

Benefits of a Cloud-Based ERP for Your Distribution Company


More and more businesses — including distribution companies — are adopting cloud-based ERP systems. In fact, experts predict that between 2016 and 2022, the global cloud ERP market will increase at an eight percent compound annual growth rate — or CAGR — to a total of $28.8 billion. So what exactly are the benefits of [...]

Reducing Distribution Center (DC) Stockouts


It’s never ideal when a customer wants to purchase an item that isn’t in stock. While you can always place an order and call the customer when it arrives, the customer has to wait — and in our society where convenience is king, that can have serious consequences for your business. Stockouts can result in [...]

Warehouse Optimization Using Warehouse Management Software


Every business wants to optimize its operations to increase responsiveness, enhance efficiency, maximize resources and minimize waste. In this endeavor, warehouse management software — or WMS — can play a crucial role. But what exactly is warehouse optimization, what challenges could you encounter when optimizing your warehouse — and exactly how can warehouse management software [...]

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Distribution Industry


In recent years, there’s been a surge of the use of artificial intelligence — or AI — in distribution center, supply chain and logistics applications. This rapid increase is due to significant advancements in computer processing power and speed. Businesses can now collect, organize and analyze large sets of data to gain actionable insights that [...]

When Does Your Distribution Company Outgrow QuickBooks?


Millions of startups and small businesses around the world use QuickBooks for their accounting needs. In fact, in 2017, the desktop version of the software generated approximately $550,000,000, and the online version generated about $420,000,000. Clearly, the application offers a practical, user-friendly solution that’s relatively easy to implement. However, if your business is expanding, you [...]

Data Analytics for Distribution Centers


In today’s hyperconnected world and fast-paced market, distribution centers are under a lot of pressure. They have to be responsive to manufacturers’ needs while remaining agile to keep up with fluctuations in demand. On top of that, buyers increasingly expect to be able to track their orders from the moment of purchase until the moment [...]

Distribution Center Best Practices Series: Collect Data Automatically – Part 3


In our previous two blog posts, we discussed how to leverage technology at your distribution center and use vendor insights to your advantage. In this post, we’re going to focus on how you can use business data collection tools to automatically gather information about every aspect of your distribution center. By asking the right questions [...]