You may not be aware, but SAP Business One includes integration to Microsoft Outlook for free as an add-in that ships with the base product.  This allows you to exchange and share data to keep everybody up to date about account and Business Partner developments, business opportunities, appointments, contacts and tasks.  You can have this synchronization run manually or automatically on a timed basis.

For example, if you enter a calendar entry in Outlook, you can press a toolbar button and select the Contact and optionally Opportunity that this entry relates to.  Then, upon synchronization, that entry will appear in the Activities log of the Contact and also on the SAP Business One Calendar.

If you create a meeting in SAP Business One, the same meeting will appear in the outlook calendar.  You can choose which of your contacts will sync to Outlook and vice-versa.   Tasks and ‘to-do’s’ will also sync.

Another component of the integration is the ability to hit a button when viewing an Outlook email and have that email automatically attached to the SAP B1 CRM record as an activity.  It even copies the email as an attachment so you can drill down to the email including email attachments!

In addition, it offers the ability to attach an Excel Spreadsheet that overviews the Business Partner Information.  This spreadsheet appears as a related document within the Contact in Outlook. You can drill down on things such as Open Accounts Receivable and Payables, quotes, orders invoices etc.  You can even enter a quote in Outlook and have it synchronize and become a quote within SAP Business One.

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