Thanks to Wayne for this one:
The IRD for 2008 is primarily for Electronic Reporting and seemed that it removed a couple fields
Per the updated IRD, the following are the relevant changes:
Sage MAS 90 and 200 3.71, 4.00, 4.05, 4.10, 4.20, and 4.30
Sage MAS 200 – SQL Server Edition 3.71, 3.72, 3.73, and 3.74
The release of the 2008 Year End Program Changes IRD contains enhancements for Electronic Reporting:


1099 Electronic Reporting has been modified according to the Internal
Revenue Service’s 2008 Publication 1220. The following changes have
been made in the “T” record:

  • Transmitter’s Media Number Position 411-416 has been removed and is now blank.
  • If you currently have a number in the Transmitter Media Number field in
    1099 Electronic Reporting that number will no longer be copied to the
    “T” record of your IRSTAX file.
  • According to the Social Security Administration’s 2008 Specifications for
    Filing Forms W2 Electronically (EFW2) publication the field name Personal
    Identification Number (PIN) position 12-19 of the “RA record has been changed
    to User Identification (User ID).  There is no change required to the
    W2REPORT.TXT file.  The field name in W2 Electronic Reporting has not been changed and remains Personal Identification No.