Not everybody is aware that as part of the end of 2012 negotiation to raise the Federal Debt Ceiling, the Section 179 expense amount for 2013 was raised to $500,000.  Without that it would have reverted to $25,000. 

This means you can purchase capital equipment, i.e. computers systems & software and expense the entire amount against your revenues in 2013 to lower your tax bill for 2013.  Obviously, please check with your tax or accounting professional for full details.

In addition, certain amounts above $500,000 are eligible for ‘bonus depreciation’ which could mean being able to depreciate equipment as quickly as two years.

You can read the full details at:

So if you’ve been considering investing in new ERP software, new servers, or Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions, it looks like 2013 may be the year to do it if you have the need to control your tax liability.