Navision Upgrade options have been unique and vast for each one of our clients. CFBS has been working with Navision since it came to the United States way back in 1995. In fact, Clients First was one of the first Navision Solution Centers (NSC).  Over the many years we have implemented hundreds of systems for a variety of businesses and industries. Our Navision Consulting team started from the beginning with version 1.4 although way to todays Dynamics NAV 2013.

Navision Upgrade migration is our specialty. We use our exclusive methodology to ensure a seamless  process.  Here are the benefits to our clients:

Managed Costs – We perform a pre-analysis to see what modifications you may have in your current ERP solution already and determine how they should be handled.  By doing this analysis upfront, it minimizes unexpected ‘surprises’ that often occur via unmanaged upgrades.

Pre-existing Modifications can be handled as follows:

Move the existing code up to the latest version and develop routines to ensure the pre-existing data converts

  • Was the modification written for functionality that is now in the standard Navision solution?  Microsoft Dynamics NAV today does much more than the original Navision Financials or Navision Attain solution did.  If it is now base functionality, we will create data conversion routines to migrate your historical data from the modifications into the current Microsoft Dynamics NAV version such as Dynamics NAV 2009 or Dynamics NAV 2013
  • The modification is no longer used.  In this case, we just have to ensure past data migrates smoothly and can ignore the enhancements as we migrate you to the newest version.
  • We avoid business downtime and disruption.  We use the latest ‘sandbox’ technology to do the bulk of the upgrade work in an offline system where it can be thoroughly tested before being put into your production environment
  • Full Documentation One reason upgrades can be so difficult is they were often originally written by ‘amateurs.’ These are folks who just ‘coded’ as they went along to meet your needs.  End users were happy to get the functionality they needed.  This method can be less expensive, but it results in a solution that is difficult or impossible to upgrade without painstaking manual reverse engineering of the original programming.  Often it needs to be completely rewritten since we don’t know what is going on in the code.  At Clients First, we fully document our upgrade methods so that even if you choose a different company down the road to do future upgrades, its quick and painless since they know how and why your system works the way it does.

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