Navision Support from Clients First includes setup, integration, custom programming, development, report writing, data file analysis, database repair, error message resolution, training and procedural consultation.  Whether you need onsite or remote support, we can be there for you  Some companies prefer a ‘pay as you go’ hourly rate whereas others prefer a fixed annual contract cost with no surprises.

Navision Support for an ERP solution requires both technical and practical business experience.  Performing a Navision upgrade also requires an understanding of past modifications and customizations to ensure that they are still needed relative to current business needs and what functionality may have been written that is now standard in the new version you are upgrading to.

Our Support Services

We have regular help desk hours for 12 hours per day thanks to our six national locations for Navision support.  For mission critical situations, we have 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year emergency support available since we know problems don’t always cooperate with the work calendar.

For ‘pay as you go’ we sell prepaid support hours which can be used for virtually any type of Navision services.  Our annual fixed fee contracts typically cover day to day questions and problems that might arise with your system.  New capabilities and functionality such as the creation of new reports or data integrations will be quoted as a separate project form support.

We also offer incident based support sold in increments of five. With incident support, each unique new problem or question that we solve is considered an incident, regardless of how much time it takes us to help you with that particular problem.

We usually recommend the annual fixed fee contract to the majority of our Navision support clients. This allows your staff to call us without concerns of being charged for each individual call or looking ‘at the clock’ hoping to minimize fees. By paying a single annual price, you can call as much as you need to support your Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution and know you are staying within a budget.

Support Personnel

Microsoft Dynamics Navision is a powerful ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution that requires a company with experienced and skilled certified consultants to provide ongoing support and maintenance of your Navision application.

Since Navision covers financials, distribution and manufacturing, our expert staff have a mix of business backgrounds, from APICS manufacturing consultants to CPA’s to be able to understand your business needs and problems.  None of our consultants has less than ten years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Support is often not about just addressing an error message, but about understanding the business problem and recommending the best approach to solving it, even approaches that you, our customer may not have previously thought of.

Navision Help

Of course there are plenty of places online to get  Navision support, many of which we provide including:

However, many Navision problems and questions are very specific and need an experienced professional to help you live via our gotomeeting and webex remote control services.  With these solutions, we can be right ‘at your side’ seeing what you see to assist.

Navision Support requires a group of people with years of experience in skills that include consulting, business process analysis and development. The Clients First Navision team also supports third party enhancements such as EDI, shipping automation (e-ship), or inventory replenishment tools

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