Multiple Units of Measure using SAP Business One 9.0 is what we will discuss in this post.  SAP Business One 9.0 (now available) contains enhancements and additions meant to support the growing needs of the small and medium enterprise companies.  So, what’s new in SAP Business One 9.0?

  • Single UoM’s can be grouped together as a subset based on conversion rules
  • Default UoM’s can be automatically converted to alternative UoM in transaction processing
  • Price lists can be updated for each UoM
  • Supports different barcode standards per UoM per item
  • Define different packaging types per UoM

In SAP Business One 9.0, there are many new features and enhancements in the area of Multiple Units of Measure. These new features and enhancements are designed to improve the process of buying, selling, and distributing goods for companies where a single item can appear in not only purchasing, but production and distribution.

Take soda sales for instance. You are a grocery store that can only buy and sell soda in 6packs. In SAP Business One, the new features allow you to purchase multiple 6packs and sell them as multiple 6packs, a 12pack, or 12 individual cans all while keeping a real-time inventory count.

Another benefit of the new features and enhancements of multiple units of measure in SAP Business One is that the system supports unlimited global and product specified UoM conversion factors. Think of the soda example used above. The system will be able to handle the product specific and global specific UoM conversion factors. Once defined in the system, the system will be able to recognize the correct inventory count, and only allow the sale to the whole can, 6pack, or 12pack depending on the order.

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