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The need to reduce production costs and increase company profits in many businesses has led to the development of various software that could cater to the needs of the many businesses. One such software is the MAS90 and MAS200  accounting software by Sage Inc..

The MAS 90 accounting software comes with various functions and features, tailor-made to handle the many different problems your business may encounter. The MAS90 accounting software allows you to manage both the accounting and administrative tasks of your company. Your MAS 90 accounting software also lays claim to a variety of aspects that could help drive your company to a more prolific and lucrative future.
MAS90 accounting software also boasts of more than 25 different modules to choose from. Furthermore, your MAS 90 accounting software can be custom-designed with more than a hundred trade-specific add-ons you can select from in order to meet your business’ unique requirements.

Your MAS90 accounting software is equipped with specialized client-server technology that makes it possible to drive its many features. The complex, yet, user-friendly structure of your MAS 90 accounting software practically guarantees you increased performance, data protection and dependability. Since MAS90 accounting software permits remote access support and scalability, it is perfect for businesses with remote sites, multiple users and large number of transactions.

MAS 90 accounting software provides you with a many of features, including accounting functions, trade business intelligence tools, client relations management tools, human asset management tools, payroll processing, manufacturing compliance tools, distribution monitoring tools and sales tracking tools. MAS90 accounting software is flexible and practically assures you of efficient distribution processing, superior data integrity and dependability, and software scalability; which can easily integrate with the inexpensive Microsoft SQL Database platform.
In addition to the abovementioned features, your MAS90 accounting software can easily integrate with the popular MAS200 extended accounting enterprise suite. Your MAS 90 accounting software also boasts of an uninterrupted system linkage; which dynamically connects business procedures, data, workflows, and communication distribution channels. As it stands, the MAS90 accounting software simplifies your tasks, reduces your redundant data and provides you with unmatched information and data transparency. So, if you’re looking for a good ERP software solutionfor your company, the MAS 90 accounting software is for you.