MAS 90 questions and MAS 200 questions answered now and for free.

Q&A For MAS 90 and MAS 200
MAS90 and MAS200 will often bring up questions when using it on a regular basis. Do you have questions you’d like fast free answers to from the gurus?  We now have a site dedicated to free Q&A regarding MAS90 and MAS200.
MAS200 and MAS90 can be difficult to get support and help answers to, but this new site staffed by volunteer members is the best way I know to get free support for your issues or questions for Sage products.  It’s not a replacement for our support desk by any means but for that occasional non-urgent question, it’s a nice site.

Help for MAS 90 and MAS 200 is available below

Once you fill in the box, you’ll be brought to where our members will immediately get notified.  If somebody (often more than one, has the answer, they will post it to the site and you can optionally get notified if you register.
Please let us know via comments below how you like the new service!