Sage just announced a new set of enhancements coming.  They are essentially rolling various Extended Solutions into the base MAS90 and MAS200 product.

Here are the details:

Sage MAS 90 and 200 Product Update 2 Delivers Added Value!

The second Sage MAS 90 and 200 4.4 Product Update — — is expected to be
available by mid-July via a compact download from Sage Online. Delivering additional features
and functionality and product enhancements as an additional on-plan customer benefit,
Product Update 2 delivers value across the system and in a range of modules including Bank
Reconciliation, Accounts Payable, and Paperless Office. Many of these enhancements are the
result of incorporating the main features and functionality of select Extended Solutions into
the core product, and others are totally new customer-requested features that solve pain
points.  Also included in Product Update 2 is a new Pre-Installation Data Scan utility that will help
identify data issues prior to installation.

New features available to you and 4.4 customers are:


Bank Reconciliation – Automatically Reconcile Checks (similar to BR-1005)
Efficiently and automatically reconcile check information you download from your financial
institution. Use the new Auto Check Reconciliation Wizard to create the proper check setting
format for your financial institution per their specifications. Or, your Business Partner can
configure the setting in their office, export the file, and then import it into your system.
Bank Reconciliation – Enforce Tighter Controls over Bank Reconciliation Adjusting Entries (New)
Further refine and control who is allowed to enter modifications to the Current Balance in
Bank Reconciliation using a new option in Role Maintenance, Common Information. For banks
defined in Bank Code Maintenance, you can specify the users who are allowed to access and
make adjusting balance entries.

Bank Reconciliation – Enter Checks, Deposits, and Adjustments On-the-Fly (New)
In Reconcile Bank, you have instant access to enter checks, deposits, and adjustments through
a quick link button to bring you directly into Check or Deposit and Adjustment Entry for that
bank — without navigating all the way back to the main menu to open a data entry screen, or
existing your Reconcile Bank screen.

Bank Reconciliation – Conveniently Use Recalculate Outstanding Entries Totals Utility (New)
To improve workflow, the Recalculate Outstanding Entries Totals Utility is available from the
Bank Reconciliation module, via the Utilities Menu. This utility allows you to recalculate the
totals of all outstanding check, deposit, and adjustment entries that have not been marked as

Bank Reconciliation – Positive Pay Export (similar to BR-1004)
Deter check fraud using the new Positive Pay features in the Bank Reconciliation module.
Positive Pay assists your financial institution to monitor against suspicious check activity
using a file you create and submit for comparison and verification. The Positive Pay file
contains key information, such as check numbers and dollar amounts, to identify only the checks you have issued and authorized for payment. Components of the check must match
exactly, or the check will not be paid by the financial institution. Checks sent to the bank using
Positive Pay are identified with an Exported check box In Check, Deposit and Adjustment

Bank Reconciliation – Positive Pay Export Wizard (New)
Use the new Positive Pay Export Wizard to create the proper export file format specified by
your financial institution, for comparison of the file you send with the checks that are
presented for payment. To help you understand and translate formatting requirements, we’ve
included a reference document that outlines the most commonly used field formatting and
export details required by financial institutions. And, if your financial institution updates their
specified file format, you can also use the Positive Pay Export Wizard to make the necessary
changes without depending on a programmer to re-format it for you.

Bank Reconciliation – Expanded Comment Field (New)
In Check, Deposit and Adjustment Entry, the Comment field has been expanded to 2048
characters to allow you to add information to track why the adjustment was made.

Accounts Payable – ACH Electronic Payments (similar to AP-1063)
Increase your efficiencies, improve your cash management, reduce operating costs and lessen
the risk of lost or stolen checks by paying vendors electronically using an ACH file created
from the Accounts Payable module. Enable ACH electronic payments, define how they will be
handled by your company, and the type of information that will be transmitted to your
financial institution.
You have the flexibility to select and set up one or more financial institution(s) for your
electronic payments, and for each one you select, define the format and layout of the ACH file.
The feature includes pre-note functionality, and flexibility in your electronic payment
distribution, including options to allocate amounts between one or more accounts.
ACH information on processed payments, historical information and vendors paid
electronically is available on AP Reports. They can include auto checks, manual checks, voided
checks, reversals, credit card transfers, electronic payments, wire transfer information in any

Paperless Office — Accounts Payable Checks, Extended Stubs, and Electronic Payment Remittance Advices (similar to AP-1095)
Save time, money, and the environment by utilizing Paperless Office to process, send and
retain electronic copies of Accounts Payable checks and extended stubs, and remittance
advices created for ACH Electronic Payments in PDF format. Add a unique message to include
when emailing or faxing electronic remittances. The PDFs you create are also available to email
and fax, retrieve and archive. Easily access PDFs using the Vendor Viewer from Paperless
Office or the Checks panel in Vendor Maintenance Inquiry.

Product Update Pre-Installation Scan Feature (New)
Utilize the Product Update Pre-Installation Scan to ensure good data integrity during the
installation process of Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200 4.4 Product Updates. Conveniently add this
maintenance step to your normal process whenever you install a new product update to
ensure your data is sound. Determine your data’s health during your routine Product Update
installation, and utilize Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200 Library Master Utilities for corrections as
needed. Prevent spending hours correcting data from a power outage or other natural or
human-induced disaster.