Sage will be releasing MAS90 and MAS200 4.5.  Here’s What’s new.

Sometime in the fall of 2011, Sage will be releasing MAS90 4.5.  We wanted to give you a heads up of what to expect in this exciting next release.

In version 4.5 of MAS90 and MAS200 you can expect new features and functionality as well as product lines merging with the new version 4.5 of Sage MAS 90 and 200 ERP. Pricing will be traditional or per user.

SQL Merge – Single code base for PVX and SQL, Upgrade process for install base to go from PVX to SQL and CRM compatibility.

EES Merge – Sage CRM – SageCRM as "add on" to ERP, CRM 7.0 support and easier upgrades to new CRM releases

There will be no more “EES” or Extended Enterprise Suite.  There will be just one edition and the system will ship with a single user license for SageCRM for free. 

The current MAS200 4.45 SQL product only supports brand new customers.  In 4.5, we will be able to convert MAS90 and MAS200 customers to MAS200 4.5 for SQL.  This will now finally give existing customers, especially those on the old 3.71 SQL version, a chance to upgrade to the more modern Business Objects Framework but still keep SQL as their database.

Accounts Receivable – Customers with national accounts

Payroll – Additional deduction calculation methods, deduction recalculation in Payroll Entry, deduction calculation based on earnings type, Payroll Data Entry Import Utility and Enhanced Benefit Accrual

Sales Order – Price Level by Customer/Product Line, Item Pricing by Total Quantity, Enhanced Sales Order Integration with Job Cost, Lot/Serial Distribution Entry From Sales Order, Maintain Split Commissions by Customer and Commission Rate Table by Salesperson/Customer/Item

Sales Order/Purchase Order – Purchase Orders created from Sales Order/Purchase Order and Auto Generate Purchase Orders from S/O Entry

Although the product is expected to ship in September, history tells us that it’s probably more like October.  We’ll probably want to give it another 60 days to shake out any serious bugs so you should start planning on upgrading in the January 2012 timeframe if you think you see value in the next version.