Sage Software released the latest version of MAS 500, Version 7.30, in November 2009.  This is a significant product release and one that contains performance improvements as well as new features (for which customers have been asking).
Here are some of the highlights:
Credit Card Processing – Quickly and easily process credit card payments in an easy to use and secure environment.
Pending Inventory Transactions Views – Pending quantity decreases and increases are now found in Business Insights.  Eliminate the frustration associated with figuring out inventory balances through improved transaction visibility.
Updated Sage MAS 500 Desktop – friendlier and more familiar desktop (like Outlook) that helps to make users’ jobs easier by putting what they need to get their work done right in front of them.
Extended Platform Support Version 7.3 now supports some of the latest technology platforms.  You can now use Sage MAS 500 on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008.
PDF Transmittal for Vendors & Customers – Users can now automatically cerate and email documents to vendors and customers.
Physical Inventory Count – Improvements in “Process Physical Inventory” greatly improve count item selection as well as speed up count entry.
New Shipment Commit Workflow – Now users can generate sales order invoices before committing shipments, which is good for creating pro forma invoices.  Also included is a new sales order status for “invoiced” and a one-click invoice reversal feature.
Invoice Merge — Multiple shipments to the same customer can now be merged into a single invoice.
Automated Clearing House (ACH) — The ACH feature allows users to use electronic funds transfer (EFT) as an alternative to paper checks as a payment method. The ACH feature supports both the United States (NACHA) and Canadian (AFT) formats – with more formats under development.
Many more!!!
We are excited about this release and pleased to be able to offer it to our clients – both existing and new.  Contact us today for a personalized demo or to discuss how to implement or upgrade to this version.
Thank you for reading and have a great day.