Sorting Epicor 9 Master File Descriptions

Prevent list items like employees and security groups comingling.

Annoyed when setting up menu security and the security groups are mixed with the employees on the list.
Go into the Security Groups Maintenance and add two leading spaces to the security group descriptions.
Next time in menu maintenance all of the security groups will appear at the top of the list and the employees will be at the bottom of the list.
This makes security maintenance easier than trying to pick the groups out of the middle of employees.
This works on other descriptions also if you do not want them in alphabetical order. If the database has ten product groups but the ninth group is 60 percent of the orders. In Product group Maintenance, add two spaces in front of the description. This product group will now be first in the drop down box.
This technique is not needed on master file that have the system default flag like terms and ship via.