by:  Donald Clark CFPIM, CSCP
People in the food and beverage industry already know that “standard” ERP systems can be less than ideal when it comes to product definitions, production management and materials management.  The Dynamics AX 2009 Food and Beverage Solution changes all of that.  It was designed with industry-specific functionality and capability that managing the processes in food and beverage companies a great deal easier and more effective.
I have spent a great deal of time with the solution and will share some of its key features and benefits, ones I think add value to these In the food and beverage industry, in the next several posts here.
Here are some starters.

  • Yield Planning and Tracking

Users can define yields at the top level of the product, or for individual ingredients.  This has a few benefits.  First, the system will allow users to calculate an accurate cost for the produced items and for their individual ingredient contributions.  Second, when determining material requirements using MRP, users get the “real” requirements, thus helping to eliminate material shortages.

  • Integrated Quality Control

Users can design any needed quality control tests for incoming materials or produced items.  Once created, users can associate those tests to production steps or receiving activities and define disposition codes for failed tests.  With integrated QC, users always know the test results and dispositions of tested materials – all within the system and all without mandating this information in spreadsheets or other external systems.

  • Expiration Date Management

The Dynamics AX 2009 Food and Beverage Solution can automatically track expiration and best-before dates for raw materials and produced items.  The system also tells users that expiration dates are approaching so that they can take appropriate action.  This saves users from having to track dates off line and helps to reduce the waste

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