April 27-30, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV




This year the Epicor Insights 2014 is being held in Las Vegas, NV.     Epicor Insights is a yearly gathering of over 4000 Epicor Customers, Epicor Partners, and Epicor Employees.   The Epicor conference is hosted by the Epicor Users Group and Epicor Corporation.


Why should your company send people to Insights?

·         Insights is an excellent education opportunity.

o   Classes – Dozens of 60-90 minute classes are held.  These classes are interactive and allow questions.   These classes are given by other Epicor Customers, Epicor Partners, and Epicor Employees.

o   Hands-On Labs – The labs are more detailed and hands-on with lab exercises to enter into Epicor and view the results.   Two people share a computer to perform the exercises.

o   Extended Educations Session-These sessions are offered the Saturday and Sunday prior to the conference.   These sessions are much more in-depth than the conference labs.    Each of these training sessions cost an additional $250 over the cost of the conference.  Smaller class size, product-specific training with access to technical experts.

o   Solutions Pavilion – A room where Epicor and the Epicor Alliance partners demo solutions that extend the Epicor application.    This is an opportunity to meet face-to-face with personnel to answer your business and technical questions.    During pavilion hours it can be quite busy.  If it is to busy, request an meeting with the person during non-pavilion hours.

·        Insights is an excellent networking opportunity. 

o   The Insight conference is set up as a conference inside a conference.   

§  Attendees are given color coded lanyards to identify the specific Epicor product used.   This allows attendees to quickly identify people running the same software.

§  Breakfast and Lunch tables are separated so attendees can sit with people using the same Epicor product.

o   Epicor Speed Networking session.    In a short amount of time you will meet other attendees using the same Epicor product that you are.

o   Social networking.

§  Epicor will be offering a mobile app with social networking capabilities.

§  From questions asked in classes you will identify attendees having some of the same issues that your company is having.   You will also be able to identify the attendees that have found solutions for some of these issues.   After the class, many impromptu meetings are held in the hallways based on these questions.

§  Chance to meet Epicor employees that you may have only talked to on the phone.


What’s new?

Epicor will often show their latest and upcoming versions of the software as well as estimated timelines so that you can begin to plan your future upgrade path as well.  We expect this year to be no different with exciting new technology built into Epicor 10.

Hey, you might win enough at the tables to pay for the trip!…Well maybe that’s not a great reason, but a great time and a great learning experience awaits you.

If your company joins the Epicor User Group the conference is discounted.
   The EUG dues are close to the discount amount for one attendee to the conference.    All company attendees get the EUG discount.  The company will save hundreds of dollars, if two or more employees are attending.


The agenda has not been published at this time but you need to save the date in case you decide to attend.