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MRO Solutions for Dynamics and Acumatica


MRO and FBO businesses are not like your standard Job Shop.  Repair and maintenance of aircraft and turbines or other heavy equipment is serious business that requires serial traceability, compliance forms such as 8130, documentation of repairs, FAA approved vendors and more.  We understand the aviation and heavy equipment MRO industry.




ProFBO for Acumatica
  1. Generate more accurate quotes, quicker with the Template functionality – standardized list of maintenance activities
  2. Empower your sales staff, track win and loss info, pipeline revenue, and seemlessly manage your entire sales process.
  3. Know the serial number of each part used on every job, maintaining full traceability putting you ahead of the curve in the case of a warranty or recall issue.
  4. Quick look-up of job history; quotes, actuals, parts, serial numbers, etc.
  5. Flag FAA approved Item specific Vendors for purchasing of inventory or repair items.
  6. Utilize the inherent document management to attach FAA compliance forms such as Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) and Parts Manufacturing Authority (PMA) parts.
  7. Expense cost capturing for all labor, inventory and expense costs
  8. Import the FAA Aircraft Registry for sales and marketing
  9. Stay in compliance with the automatic FAA 8130-3 print or email
  10. Utilize the complete Acumatica ERP solution, including Manufacturing if needed.
  11. With AP, AR, GL, inventory, ProFBO, supply chain, etc., in one complete ERP system there are no issues with reconciliation between disparate systems and creating boardroom financials is a breeze.  CRM for Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing, and PowerBI Pro are optional modules.


ProMRO for Dynamics 365 Enterprise

MRO may include multi-company, multi-lines of business, or extensive sets of requirements. ProMRO has the fuctionality of #1 to 6, plus the following:

  1. Submitting quote requests across departments then compiling into one quote.
  2. Automatic service work order based on the accepted quote with predefined services & repair by department breakdown – see #1.
  3. Project quotation that is automatically populated with items, services, contact information and allows for dynamic quoting based on margin requirements.
  4. Project confirmation provides a quick print out of items, repair activities, pricing totals and delivery address
  5. Part applicability and part substitution
  6. Specific tracking to include core, serial number & batch tracking
  7. Planning to include capacity and resource planning
  8. Manufacturing or re-manufacturing parts, procurement and cross referencing to applicable parts can all be handled within ProMRO.
  9. With AP, AR, GL, inventory, MRO, supply chain, etc., in one complete ERP system there are no issues with reconciliation between disparate systems and creating boardroom financials is a breeze.  Dynamics 365 is licensed with all modules including Warehouse Management and Transportation, Service Management.

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