FRxBuzz, a blog about all things FRx has done a shootout between FRx and it’s soon to be replacment Microsoft Management Reporter

This was the first time I really looked at this new product and I was surprised and happy to learn that it’s still VERY similar to FRx and not a complete redesign.  It’s completely modernized, but if you are familiar with FRx, the learning curve looks very short.  I think it is supposed to convert FRx report definitions but I need to confirm.

The one major issue is this solution is only available for Microsoft Dynamics.  So if you are on, sage Sage MAS90, MAS200 or MAS500, Sage is moving to a new set of financial report writers that may be as good if not better, but will be different from FRx and thus will have a longer learning curve for those familiar with FRx.

Here is the article.