The FDA makes available a wide variety of resources for food/beverage producers and processors to analyze their operations and develop procedures to help keep our food supply safe. These are free tools that every company involved in food or beverage processing and production should get and use.

The first of these is the CARVER plus Shock self-assessment tool. It is a free application that an organization can use to identify possible points of attack from bio-terrorists to their supply, manufacturing processes and distribution channels. It also helps the company prioritize their resources to mitigate the identified vulnerable points.

Follow this link for further information as well as to download this valuable tool:

Next are the Food Security Preventative Measures Guidance.booklets – available for 5 different industry types. These are: Importers, Retailers, Dairy Producers, Food Processors and Cosmetics. These informative and useful guides help companies develop the procedures and preventative measures needed to minimize the risk that products under their control will be subject to tampering or other malicious, criminal, or terrorist actions.

Follow this link to download one or more of these publications:

Finally, because employees are the front line of defense, the FDA has a variety of resources called “Employees First” . These resources are in the form of videos, booklets and posters — all of which are designed with educating the line worker in food safety.

Follow this link to download these tools: