We are a rapidly growing distributor, receiving many more orders per day, and due to multiple systems are having immense trouble keeping up. We use Quickbooks for sales orders, purchase orders and accounting, while using Excel spreadsheets for inventory and yet another system for shipping. We spend all day re-keying information between these systems, sometimes inaccurately, and it’s causing immense distress for us and our clients. This includes our inability to accurately know what we can promise and when, as well as not having management reports that are “one version of the truth”. The result is out-of-of control operating costs, overworked employees being paid overtime and clients that are dissatisfied.

One fully integrated business software system will provide the ability for operators to enter data once and have accurate information flow the system effortlessly, thus cutting costs and driving top line revenue as a result. Further, it will provide accurate, real time business management information “at will” for all to see.