Below is an overview and links to 8 pre-recorded video training sessions for power users on how to do advanced functions with the MAS90 and 200 Customizer and Custom Office

Customizer_Part1.wmv (42:33)

This session covers how to add user defined tables (UDT) as well as user defined fields (UDF) that validate against those tables to capture some survey information (demographics, source of customer, etc.) and how that information can be used in conjunction with Business Insights Explorer (BIE) to do some charting and sales analysis.  This also covers how to overcome real estate issues on forms when adding UDFs as well as how to set Tab orders to streamline data entry.

Playback Link: Part 1

Customizer_Part2.wmv (37:23)

This session covers adding a UDT to maintain information related to projects.  In addition it covers how to add a Project Code UDF to both AP Invoice Data Entry Detail as well as AR Invoice Data Entry Detail that validate against the Project UDT and have that information flow through to the General Ledger Detail table.  We then used BIE to do some profitability analysis by Project.

Playback Link: Part 2

Customizer_Part3.wmv (27:57)

This session covers the Advanced Field Settings in customizer, showing how to set default values and change attributes of standard MAS90 fields, including showing how to validate a standard MAS90 field against a UDT.  This session also contains a demonstration of how to set up a Sales Order routing system, using UDFs and BIE to set up multiple “in-boxes” by routing status (“PENDING”, “APPROVED”, “CREDIT”, etc.)

Playback Link: Part 3

Customizer_Part4.wmv (13:09)

This session demonstrates a Mash-Up, using UDFs and UDTs along with VB Scripting and the Business Object Interface to map out delivery driving instructions for Invoices, using Google Maps complete with a Starbucks stop.

Playback Link:  Part 4

Customizer_Part5.wmv (30:53)

This session adds a Territory UDF to both Customer and Ship-to Address tables which will then flow from Sales Order Entry to Invoice Entry to Invoice History to RMA.  We then show how to use BIE to do Sales Analysis by Territory.

Playback Link:  Part 5

Customizer_Part6.wmv (36:54)

This session covers Linked Dialogs and VB scripts and was the main focus of the Deep Dive in Customer session at Insights.  We create a VB Script to calculate an order discount percentage and whether or not an order is eligible for free freight, based on information stored in a Promotions UDT.  Another script is covered that uses the Business Object interface to apply a new promotion to the customer table.

Playback Link:  Part 6

Customizer_Part7.wmv (12:21)

This session touches on more examples using the business object interface and VB Scripts to enable customers to view a .PDF and bring up an e-mail with the .PDF as an attachment.  Another script is created using the business object interface that creates an RMA directly from AR Invoice History Inquiry.

Playback Link: Part 7

Customizer_Part8.wmv (11:54)

This session covers the Customizer Export Utility that creates the Insights.M4X file included with this download.  It explains how to export all of the customizer modifications made in the previous 7 session and package them up to allow installation on a 4.30 system.

Playback Link: Part 8

via: Mark Chinsky, New Jersey CT , Sage MAS 90 and 200, Job Ops, and SAP Business One consultant from Clients First Business Solutions