ERP & CRM software requires a Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity solution

EverSafe! Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution is the solution that Clients First Technology Solutions brought to the market last year.   It continues to build momentum in our ERP & CRM market space and with so many different threats to your IT Systems continuity, its more important than ever to consider.

If you use ERP or CRM software in your day to day business cycle, you know how important these systems have become to the daily operations of your business.  Have you ever thought about how you would run your business if these systems suddenly became unavailable for days, weeks or even months?  Imagine, no ability to take orders, produce products, track inventory, enter shipments, track accounting etc??

Many of you today are sitting on this exact possibility and may not even know it.   Admiral Turcotti, who headed the Space Shuttle Columbia investigation made the following statement:

“Don’t confuse the likeliness of a problem with the consequences of it.”


Just because it’s unlikely that your server’s motherboard will short out, your building will burn down, a $1.00 part in your sprinkler head in your server room breaks, or a $10 O-Ring in the Space Shuttle would be defective, should not be confused with the consequences if it does.

Most business owners & IT folks assume because they back up regularly, should anything go wrong with your servers, all will be good.

The first assumption you are making is that your backup system is working 100%.  Statistics show most backup methodologies, including Cloud backup, partially or fully fail more than 35% of the time.  Half of the 35% is technology problems and the other half is Human Error. (i.e. adding an additional hard drive or server but nobody adding it to the daily backup routine).

Most companies do “file based backups” which means you are backing up your important data files.  This is a simpler and often cheaper way to back things up.  With file based backups, should your server be seriously compromised or damaged, you will need to re-install the operating system, patches, drivers, utility applications like anti-virus, anti-malware etc.  Then you need to install database applications like SQL Server, your ERP or CRM software, all the patches since your DVD’s were created, then restore your application data and reconnect your users.  This process can often take days or even a week or longer.

Some more sophisticated companies use “image based backup” which is the technology that EverSafe! is based on.  Image based backup solutions take an entire ‘snapshot’ of your critical hard drives so that when they are restored, everything is already up and running as if you simply powered off and on your server.  This means you can be back up and running again often in just a few hours.

Whether you do file or image based backups, still results in a potential problem around testing.  Even if you are among the 30% who regularly restore a file or even volume from your backups for testing, you don’t really know if everything will work in the event of a real emergency.  This is because very few companies maintain duplicate hardware to do test restores to. Unless you ‘blow away’ an identical server and restore everything, just as you would in a real recovery, you can’t be sure you didn’t miss something.

In addition, if the hardware you are restoring to isn’t identical to the damaged hardware, the restored server may not work due to changes in hardware drivers and environmental variables.

Some of these hardware differences can be addressed if your existing servers are virtualized which means moving the restored virtual data to a new virtual host should just run.

However the big variable most don’t take into account is the fact that if your servers are physically damaged or destroyed, it can easily take 10+ days to get a brand new server ordered, delivered, assembled and put into service.

Based on all of the above, you can be down from 10 to 30 days in the event of a major hardware failure.

Can you live with that?  The average SMB can easily lose $50,000/day of downtime.  Even a 10 day outages is $500,000…

EverSafe! isn’t just backup, it avoids downtime…

If your server(s) suffer a software or hardware problem you can fail over to the EverSafe! appliance in minutes that is sitting on-site in your server room.  Should your server room or entire building be knocked out, you can failover to EverSafe! servers in the cloud that have images of your servers waiting to be brought on-line in < 30 minutes.  Your employees can then access the servers remotely from home or temporary office space.

Then when your servers are repaired or replaced, you can use either the EverSafe! appliance, or if it was destroyed, a free fully populated replacement to restore your most up to the minute data to your production servers.

In the end, the entire solution is designed to avoid any downtime, not just backup your data.

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