Project Description

As Business Central continues to expand, users will find many new benefits to help improve their organizational needs. In a recent announcement, Microsoft has unveiled their Wave 2 plan which includes new features and capabilities to be released from October 2019 through March 2020.

Cancel Issue Reminders and Finance Charge Memos

When working on End-Of-Month items, no one wants to have outstanding issues in their system. You can immediately correct any file mistakes and cancel any financial charge memos or reminders that had been previously created.

Carry Line Descriptions To General Ledger Entries When Posting

Your General Ledger Entries include a lot of information that needs to be maintained, yet sometimes it’s lacking core items. Now it’s possible to see the original Source Document lines in your entries without any complicated setups.

Write Large Item Cross-Reference Numbers

With many vendor item numbers, you’ll often find they’re more than 20 characters and won’t conform to your Cross-Reference fields. Now, you can write up to 50 characters to create faster purchase processing when these numbers are converted.

Ability To Download A Database Backup File

In multiple nations, users have the option to access their individual data files. This new feature allows them to download their items and maintain it in an accessible database.

Enhancements For Customer Migration Tools

For those who use their Business Central solution On-Premise, this is a great option to bring your system into a whole new environment. This replicates your data and allows you to create additional tables to make a successful migration. For those moving information from their extensions, you’re also supported by this option.

Add Links To Your Navigation Menu

Every company is unique and, to that end, Business Central allows you to add links to your most commonly used areas for easy access during your daily tasks.

Customize A User Profile Without Writing Code

Previously found in Dynamics NAV, this tool can add, edit or remove user profiles from your system, provide stronger overviews and allows you to customize and test them if they share a common user account.

Enhancements To Excel Integration

Many people use Excel among their most frequented programs on a daily basis. For users working in this, you can now apply filters and other publishing changes from Excel into Business Central. You’ll also be able to view and edit any page fields that had been added via extensions.

Filtering Option Fields By Multiple Values

When working with lists and reports, users want to deconstruct their data down to specific items. Previously, they were only able to select one value when setting up a filler in their option fields. Now, you have the ability to filer by multiple values to get the most accurate and up-to-date items.

Full Keyboard Shortcut Support

To get to your most commonly used programs, having quick access is a major component to accomplishing your daily tasks. You can add keyboard shortcuts which allow you to reach most of your operations faster than before.

Multi-Tasking Across Multiple Pages

Jugging multiple tasks at once, while keeping track of everything and finishing each one can be time-consuming. Business Central now allows users to have multiple tabs and windows open at the same time to complete your assignments.

Personalize Actions And Navigation On Your Home Page

When we say every business is unique, we mean it. To provide a stronger link to what you need the most, you can personalize your navigation menu to conform to your daily tasks, giving the user more control over their performance.

Powerful Filtering For Reports

If you’re running any reports, you’re now able to apply various options and filters to create a more unified and personalized item for anyone viewing it.

Resize Columns With Fewer Clicks

If your columns are not the right size for your items, you can easily resize them in a much faster time. More fields, Specific filters and other options can be added without any major headaches.

Saving And Personalizing List Views

With new data, your business will add more to its existing entries that require precise filtering. Users can save their filters and personalizations and keep them available at any time, along with any future modifications.

Speed And Agility Of Data Entry

For those who have to enter information into their systems, this task can be repetitive and all-consuming. Now, you’ll be able to go through repetitive lists and get faster responses when inputting your items.

Switch Between Companies In Your Business Inbox In Outlook

For organizations with multiple companies under their Business Central system, you can now easily switch between them to give users more flexibility.

Add Notes And Links To Data

When going through your data entries, users can add notes, links and other items to their information. This expands what they already have their in their silos and can greatly enhance what users retrieve in multiple departments.

Easy Access To A Capability Overview

Locating your pages and other primary elements is essential for flexible navigation in your systems. For potential customers looking into your organization, this same option should be available to them. Business Central allows both to easily access the widest possible overview of your organization from all available sources.

Modern Clients Only For Business Central

With Modern Clients, you can access a wide range of tools that can bring your firm up-to-date and create a more productive and responsive workplace for everyone involved.