Project Description

Since debuting last year, Dynamics 365 Business Central has continued NAV’s legacy of quality ERP solutions. No matter how it’s deployed, this can provide numerous benefits to your firm, regardless of industry. With its new April 2019 release, Microsoft has added several changes to their existing system. All of which can directly improve your user experience.

List Views

You can now save your List Filters, and similar personalizations, to have different ways of deconstructing data. This allows for easier access on any device to more information and better ways to filter specific items.

Longer Name and Description Fields

If you’re entering in specific information and names, these fields have been expanded for users. You can write between 50 and 100 characters for names and from 10 to 50 characters for anything involving Units of Measurement (UOM).

Quick Entry

Instead of repetitive manual entry, you now have a modified format that goes directly to your most relevant fields. Speeding up the time it takes to input items, while avoiding time-wasting reentry.

Physical Inventory Orders Instead Of Journals

Instead of having your orders listed as journal entries as in previous versions, users can have them as documents within their system, reducing the complexity involved.

Item Multiselect For Purchase and Sales Orders

When trying to access more items from your available product lists, selecting multiple options can help speed up your task. With the April release, you can now pick more to fill your order forms to be both accurate and up-to-date.

Improved Scrolling and Load Times

When going through large lists of data it’s easy to end up with “Loading” messages at the bottom. Keeping pace with your expanding databases, this seamlessly scrolls with your information, avoiding the lag you might have once experienced.

Sales Quote Expiration

Instead of having outdated information when in contact with your clients, your sales quotes can respond to ongoing events and transactions by becoming void after a certain date.

Item Creation Prompt Question

Often, it’s difficult to create new items and other categories when customers begin asking for a new product you may have in stock. Now during your sales transactions, you can input new products and other important items instantly to better suit your customer’s needs and adapt to changing demands.

Dimensions in Business Central

For a long time, dimensions and other fields were never copied from a customer record to a job record. As a result, in the newest updates, you can easily copy them between records to provide for a more comprehensive system.

Merge Duplicate Customers and Vendors

A lot of internal lists tend to get marred by duplicate items and other replicated information. Now, it can be avoided as you’ll be able to merge any repeated clients and vendors without major headaches.

Payment Information On Customer and Vendor Fact Boxes

In the past, payment information was displayed separately from your other records, often getting lost in your tasks. Instead, it’s now displayed on customer lists/histories to provide a more comprehensive outlook, including the most recent payments and transactions.

Vendor Invoice Number on Purchase Invoice and CM Lists

As with the previous update, certain pieces of information get separated within your system when going through your daily tasks. Presented on the purchase invoice and credit memo lists, the vendor invoice number is now visible to users without any complicated setups.

Time Information Stored on Registers

To allow for more up-to-the-minute entries, you now have the option for specific summaries that better utilize existing information, along with indicating where they were placed and any major modifications. For those using the “Inspect” feature within the system, you can find every piece of data involved and when it was originally created in an instant.

Reference External Document Number on Posted Sales Documents

Visible on each of our available documents, these are always present and will never get lost throughout any of your daily processes.

Copy Item Descriptions, Vendor and Customer Names to Entries

Simplifying your workplace needs, you can easily copy specific fields into your entries to make them more accurate and robust.

View Document Attachments During Payment Application

Throughout the entire payment application process, you can review each of the attachments being sent and forwarded to you without any complicated setups.

Default Ship To Addresses

Often, when shipping items to repeat clients, entering the same information into your documents can be annoying for staff members. Stored within your systems, you now have them set as default addresses for key customers and remove the complications of repetitious entry.

Change Descriptions On Posted Entries

Within a specific entry, you can now change the existing summaries, via the Edit tool, even after it was completed and posted. Giving you the ability to add new information or reverse existing data to allow for a more up-to-date item.

Fill Transfer Orders With Purchase Receipt Lines

Previously done by many ERP resellers as a customization, this newly-added feature allows you to track different items and fill the appropriate lines within your Transfer Orders.

FocusMode In Dynamics 365 Business Central

You now have an expanded view that allows customers to have better summaries, totals and other key items from their ongoing transactions.

Quick Entry in Business Central

This allows you to enter in key information and move easily from line to line and column to column for faster entry to input important items, creating a faster more concise process.

Autosave Indicator

If you’re processing transactions and entering in items quickly, this keeps track and saves all of your actions, keeping an updated record of any changes.

Improved Contextual Search Experience

Every term is different in your business and industry. When originally released, Business Central had over 200 terms for easy searches. With this release’s updates, you now have custom search terms that can help you find the exact items you’re looking for.

Personal Enhancements

To be closer to your needs, you can make changes to actions on relevant items. Critical ones are personalized and can be manipulated to allow easier use. Irrelevant actions, and other repetitions can be removed, giving your complete control over your personal tasks.

Page Inspections

When reviewing pages for possible mistakes or errors, you can immediately inspect them. This probes all the relevant areas to locate the source, without affecting the page. Giving you a complete overview of how to make the page better function.

Better Integrations with Dynamics 365 for Sales.

Many Business Central users have been connecting their solution to Dynamics 365 for Sales to enhance their experiences. This has also provided more connectivity in their organization. The April release adds several new integrations to create a more unified environment between both.

Intelligent Cloud Insights

With the expansion of the Business Central Cloud, users with On-Premise solutions can link their data directly to the Cloud. Those using 2018 versions of GP, NAV or SL, can now connect immediately, while performing the same actions in both options.

As Business Central continues to build upon existing releases, each update will provide stronger user functionality. Find out why what’s new might be right for your changing organization by contacting us at: