Project Description

Travelling has become a permanent part of many businesses. Whether it’s meeting clients, attending industry events or providing services, moving around is common in every industry. And with major travelling comes major expenses. To avoid major mistakes, overspending or other errors, simplifying how your manage travel expenses is critical. With SAP’s Concur, dealing with travel costs will no longer be a mess.

Control Employee Spending At The Push Of A Button

Control Employee Spending On Any Device

We want to keep costs and spending under control. Traveling is always important in helping expand a business, but costs can often outweigh the benefits. When it comes to expense management, many firms are surprised when they go over their original limits. This becomes complicated as issues can increasingly mount over time.

With Concur, you can pre-set employee spending controls, while moderating requests and approvals for additional costs. Rather than surprises and other complications during the trip, everything is organized for their individual needs. Allowing you to keep spending under control and prevent surprises from your traveling staff.

Manage Travel Plans On Any Device

Better Managing Your Travel Plans

Travel itineraries are great ways to keep track of everything while going on appointments or attending conferences. Everything put together and organized, giving you a full summary of what’s expected. Yet they can be so much more. Concur creates an entire travel system that’s different than a larger version of an itinerary. You’ll received updated spending summaries to give you a full view of your costs and to avoid overruns.

Similarly, those needing to book flights, hotel rooms or rental cars can do so. If you’re on the go and need to make immediate arrangements, a mobile app is also available. Whether in the office, or on the way, Concur gets you what you need.

Automate Your Existing Expense Procedures

Relying on paper can be a troublesome problem for businesses trying to keep track of everything. It may provide physical records, but organizing everything this way leads to mistakes if not maintained properly.

Instead of cumbersome paper trails, Concur allows you to automate your expense management. You can snap pictures of travel receipts, use your phone to submit expense reports and maintain up-to-date records. These documents are then stored internally and can be viewed by your accounts personnel for organizing expenses.

Combined together, SAP’s Concur is the ideal solution for the employee on the go. With its simplified format, you can better manage expenses, organize your travel schedule and automate your procedures. Providing the right traveling tool for your ever-expanding business.