Project Description

When trying to find new avenues for growth, existing data can often provide the right information for your organization. With SAP’s HANA Analytics, you have an effective tool that allows for a stronger understanding of your existing information. With it’s Smart Data Integration, moving sources into an easily accessible system is possible without any major issues.

Defining Real-Time Analytics For Your Company

HANA Analytics provides numerous ways of looking at existing information in a brand new light. Enabling business owners to quickly and easily “slice and dice” their data, uncovering unique insights into their organization.

After making important decisions, you want a sense of what the effects will be. Sales figures and other standard reports can only deliver so much in an average summary. The ultimate goal of finding more critical elements is often beyond the range of these. To that end, Real-Time Analytics can provide more direct and comprehensive ways of viewing this information.

It’s easy to repeat sales reports and other pieces of information without a second thought. Yet what if you could get far more substantial elements out of your internal items. When getting to the heart of your business, what are some more important elements you want to retrieve? At the same time, what can you expect from the different features within Analytics?

Making Data Work For You In SAP B1 HANA Analytics

Predicting Business Trends

One aspect that many owners want to seize upon is detecting patterns for their business and industry. You want to be able to determine where trends exist and or when they’ll potentially develop. To do this, requires knowing what information is relevant and a place to start.

Within HANA is a tool called Predictive Analytics which reviews data to determine possible connections. By inputting various sources, you’ll begin seeking specific links between what appeared to be different elements. Using a Clustering tool, this segments your customers based on a variety of factors unique to your company. Spending trends, relationship length, product quantities, all can be tracked and organized into distinct categories.

From there you can segment each customer with the right trend and determine which patterns are beneficial. These in turn demonstrates past performance, along with what will impact your firm going forward. The result is better decisions, while orienting your business around incoming shifts rather than being blind slighted. Instead of failing to know what can impact your sales, why not be ahead of the curve?

Predict Business Trends with SAP Business One HANA Analytics

Making Business Data Work For You

One problem any company deals with is the amount of information they maintain internally. Gathering data over time is one thing, what to do next can be the more perplexing part. The biggest problem becomes handling real-time results and immediately placing them with the best people to create the right results. HANA Analytics cuts through your existing networks to provide for stronger data-driven decisions.

Having immediate access to your data is something many staff members, spread across your entire organization, would want to achieve their goals. Giving the flexibility and ability to review all of your important data items without any major issues.

Rather than lengthy processes for configuring information and making it available, everything is accomplished in one easy step. The result is a centralized and responsive system can easily manage large quantities of data. You be able to adapt quickly to ongoing developments and acquire the right info for the best outcomes, all via Smart Data Integration.

As SAP continues to revamp and expand their existing ERP systems, HANA Analytics will evolve with it. Transforming how you see data; you will thrive when you put what you know to the ultimate test.