Project Description

For many years, Microsoft Dynamics GP has helped businesses in a wide variety of industries. Uniting entire departments under one ERP system, this centralizes and simplifies what was once a complex mess for users. Whether it’s Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Distribution, etc., GP has demonstrated its versatility to many firms. As newer options become available for use, you may wonder if it’s worth it to upgrade.

With the release of Dynamics 365 Business Central, many companies are now considering this possibility. But with an upgrade comes many new benefits for your workplace.

Better Information Integration

One of the core fundamentals of ERP systems is integrating large amounts of information from disparate sources. Whether, you’re in sales, accounting or management, you’ll all have access to the same items. Business Central expands upon the foundations of Microsoft GP and creates the best conditions for viewing data. Everything is integrated together, providing a more unified experience for users connecting them to their information.

With these latest developments, your data is now better synchronized between your primary system and other departments. Instead of having issues in viewing and correcting info, both are aligned together. All of which can create the best outcomes in centralizing your unique business operations.

Stronger Data Migration

When upgrading to a new system, how you transition can impact the final results of your development. More specifically, you’ll have to deal with bringing over your information into a new environment. In moving your data to Business Central from GP, Microsoft has provided extensions and tools to make the process seamless. All your accounts, outstanding balances, sales records and other files can be brought over without any issues.

Previously, upgrades involved bring over items, while providing summaries of your existing accounts and areas. Now everything is easily moveable, with each item retaining up-to-the-minute information and histories, without the need to update and modify.

Instead of summations and overviews, you’ll have the same data as it was in a brand new system. Providing the best continuation between your existing GP solution and the upgrade. This can be accomplished in both a traditional On-Premise option or Cloud-supported version.

More System Flexibility

In the past, your GP system was confined to the physical hardware at your business’s location. For those on the go, it was impossible to accomplish anything related to their jobs. They would essentially by limited by their technology.

With Business Central, you can have your ERP on the go. Whether on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device, you can access the same items and perform the same tasks. If you’re traveling to a client, you’ll be able to pull up everything in an easy-to-use setup. The same tasks and decisions you’d make in your workplace would be easily accomplishable without any issues. Similarly, all your data and information is accessible to provide the same quality of retrieval and support.

Easier Access To The Power Platform

Much has been made about Microsoft’s Power Platform, as a way to reshape the way businesses perform. With three distinct options, Power BI, Power Apps and Microsoft Flow, you can better connect and organize your existing firm. For those who’ve heard of it in recent years, now’s your chance of experiencing it firsthand.

Business Central directly connects to the Power Platform, allowing you to use its various feature to improve your business and reorient yourself. Power BI and Apps both tap into your company’s existing data to visualize and expand all possible sources for your needs. While Microsoft Flow connects different parts of your company together across separate applications and systems. Tying different tasks together to provide additional control and reduce the time spent on these tasks. The result is a simplified, more connected workplace.

Better Integration With Office 365

Office 365 has been a mainstay in many workplaces since its introduction in 2010, allowing users to access their familiar tools including Word, Excel, Outlook, etc. In the past, users had to jump between different programs to accomplish your respective tasks. For GP users, this led to a split between their Office programs and their existing ERP system

Business Central simplifies that by having Office 365 directly connected within your workspace. By directly linking them, you don’t have to move from one to the other to accomplish something. No matter which Office program you’re using, you can easily use them within your system environment.

If you’re interested in seeing what Business Central can provide over Microsoft GP, an upgrade might be your best choice. Find out what can better simplify your business and transform how you perform.