Project Description

As data continues to build for companies, managing it, and making sense of the information, can have the biggest impact on your business decisions.

Why Power BI Matters

With the expansion of Business Intelligence, various firms have created their own options to assist organizations. Microsoft’s Power BI has allowed many companies to make better decisions based on the information they already have.

By visualizing and deconstructing large silos of data, you’re able to create better reports that reflect the real-time performance of your business and improve your overall decision-making.

How ODATA Queries Improve Upon Power BI and NAV

Clients First has created for NAV users, ODATA queries, which allows users to better break down their existing data. Geared towards their most common needs, these can tackle what your business needs to accomplish on a regular basis.

We’ve also developed Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports based on the same criteria including:

  • Sales Dashboard
  • Inventory Dashboard
  • AR Analysis and Credit Management
  • GL and Cash Position Dashboard

These reports access information from your databases, and in dashboards, which can showcase multiple reports based on different available sources. You can review the same items in various new ways to present a more comprehensive manner.

Tapping into your most common areas, Power BI allows users to zero in on specific information and better visualize it for easier use. Allowing for more dimensions to data you’ve seen before and creating the more fluid and realized outlooks possible. Combined together, Power BI and ODATA Queries can greatly enhance your existing NAV solution and improve how you look at your existing data.