Project Description

SAP Business One Services, such as upgrades, training, support and general consulting are offered by Clients First Business Solutions. Whether it is using Standard SAP Business One tools such as Queries or Crystal Reports, or in-depth customizations with the Software Development Kit, Clients First is your solution partner. These services are considered crucial and indispensable by some very demanding and noteworthy SAP Business One clients.

Clients First Business Solutions, think, live and breathe the business of ERP management software and how it impacts the people, the process and the technology that fuels distribution and manufacturing businesses. Owning software is only one side of the equation, because even the most outstanding solution must be operationally sound and supported by top-ranking professionals with the finest tools and experience at hand.

We also listen carefully to our clients and put ourselves in their shoes because many of our people have been “out there” in the trenches. Your success is our success and so we take pride in not only delivering the best accounting, distribution and manufacturing solutions, but to help our clients manage their business costs effectively with ongoing programming support.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Pre-Sales business analysis and documentation through our exclusive D.R.A. (Detailed Requirements Analysis) system
  • SAP Business One Sales and Implementation
  • Custom enhancement, ensuring SAP B1 software suitably meshes with your particular business model that makes your company different from your competitors.
  • SAP Business One Help Desk and Assistance, including:
    • Implementing state-of-the-art software tools to differentiate between your original SAP Business One installation and the customary solution so that we are aware of segments that need special attention while upgrading.
    • Evaluate each previous customization to ensure their validity and necessity. It makes no sense to squander your budget on upgrading functionality no longer in use.
    • Assess the effectiveness of the new version you are installing to determine the usefulness of the new standard product features that are replacing your current customizations. Future upgrades will be easier when you can use a product ‘out of the box.’
    • Converting existing data into the upgrade as well as factoring in new data that exists due to modifications.
    • Training staff on new versions and attendant technology.
    • Supporting you in all new steps and directions.
  • Ongoing Support
    • Includes phone, remote control and on-site help with 24/7 support choice.

Our Mission at Clients First Business Solutions

Our mission is to provide comprehensive start-to-finish support for all your ERP software needs and our primary focus remains on supply chain companies in both distribution and manufacturing. We remain true to our core business model—your kind of business—and we always will.

Sales, Hardware/Networks, Implementation, Programming – Customization, and Support.

Our responsibility for a successful ERP implementation remains our only focus. Clients First can handle everything from appropriate package selection, providing you the solution, customizing software for your singular needs, implementation, employee training and standing firmly behind you after you go live. Our Systems Engineering departments are experts at recommending, supplying, and implementing complete and secure networks, whether your company occupies only one location or many. Please contact us regarding any questions you may have regarding our full line of SAP Business One Services.