Project Description

SAP Business One ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning software brand, developed by the German company, SAP. Founded in 1972, its products have become known globally in different industries, providing quality solutions for customers.

Originally released in 2002, Business One has become one of the fastest growing software solutions. Designed for medium and small-scale firms, this program aims to be easily accessible for users.

Having a company with a long history is a critical aspect when looking for a superior software provider. This experience, coupled with changing products, showcases the ability to change with customer needs and evolving technology. Whether its SAP Business One, or another option, having a good mindset towards customers proves a product’s strength.

As a dedicated partner, Clients First understands how software solutions can be accomplished for today’s businesses. Determining what a company needs, beyond the basics, is a critical part of our process. What makes a solution proper to a specific work environment is what we’ve seen as our best practice.

Since 2010, SAP has included the third-party application, HANA, with their various software offerings. Geared toward firms with heavy amounts of data, this can house information on specific servers over multiple drives. As an added data storage system, combing large quantities of data over time will become second-nature to your staff.

In addition to its third-party applications, Business One is fully committed to the latest software developments. Their products are fully compatible with the Cloud and Cloud-based services for the evolving company. With the ability to be deployed on-premise, or Cloud-supported, it’s possible to fully preserve your data. In an era, with increased computer hacking, where the slightest disaster could impair your servers, having options is essential. Rather than face numerous issues and lost time, having a Cloud-backup can make the difference for an organization’s functioning.

To avoid the scourge of data, companies are adapting newer solutions to their existing concerns. Rather than face internal issues, and getting left behind their competition, creating a productive structured firm is imperative. Getting to what can define your future successes, whether SAP ERP or another, Clients First is ready for your goals.