SAP Business One Consulting

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Project Description

SAP Business One Consulting can be among the most critical aspects of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. Without a consultant, the strengths of this transition will never be fully utilized.

Determining a solution for your needs is one element, finding someone to do the job right is another. In planning one’s implementation, many want the fastest option to their existing situation. Yet to do the job properly, the selected ERP consultant must be set for a long-term plan. In these cases, an SAP Business One consultant can make all the difference.

Our team at Clients First have learned what makes ERP solutions unique and how they can benefit different businesses. To us, selling a software option like Business One isn’t the last step, but the first.

To our firm, having the finest consultants to do the job perfectly is our primary responsibility. Each of our team members has ten years of background each dealing with respective ERPs. During a year, we undergo training options for certification with different software solutions we have supported. Being up-to-date on everything related to your needs is an absolute priority for us.

In recent years, companies have found themselves with increasingly levels of data in their everyday processes. Keeping up with the flow can become increasingly impossible, especially when daily access to data is imperative.

To that extent, SAP has included the third-party application HANA with their software since 2010. Seen as “In-Memory Technology,” this can process and sift through large quantities in a short time. As a secondary data storage system, fast and easy user access is prioritized.

In learning about your company and what makes it unique, our consultants understand what critical elements are needed. Determining these aspects can be essential for one’s future business growth and development. Instead of being geared for the final sale, we look for the best outlook with your ERP selection. Seeing the organization itself, it’s needs and what can be achieved is first and foremost on our minds.

Some companies don’t like outside analysis, believing it has no relation to purchasing a software option. Even after the installation is completed, providing services will be geared towards anything that may arise. Improving your selection each year, and making your goals align with them, is our passion. Whether its SAP Business One, or another, Clients First will be there moving you forward along the way.