What is SAP Concur


Travelling has become a permanent part of many businesses. Whether it’s meeting clients, attending industry events or providing services, moving around is common in every industry. And with major travelling comes major expenses. To avoid major mistakes, overspending or other errors, simplifying how your manage travel expenses is critical. With SAP’s Concur, dealing with travel [...]

Omni-Channel E- Commerce for SAP Business One


  There is no question that E-Commerce has changed the way business is done across numerous industries. The challenge for many is streamlining multiple web portals into a single accounting & operations software. Introducing Mobility E-commerce http://vimeo.com/329888575 For those using SAP Business One, Clients First Business Solutions has partnered with Mobility to provide a [...]

Upgrading from GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central in Five Reasons


For many years, Microsoft Dynamics GP has helped businesses in a wide variety of industries. Uniting entire departments under one ERP system, this centralizes and simplifies what was once a complex mess for users. Whether it’s Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Distribution, etc., GP has demonstrated its versatility to many firms. As newer options become available [...]

What is HANA Analytics


When trying to find new avenues for growth, existing data can often provide the right information for your organization. With SAP's HANA Analytics, you have an effective tool that allows for a stronger understanding of your existing information. With it's Smart Data Integration, moving sources into an easily accessible system is possible without any major [...]

SAP Business One Price


SAP Business One Price What is the price of SAP Business One? The short answer is, the price of SAP Business One is $3,213/user ($108 per user per month as subscription) for a Professional License and $1,666/user ($56 per user per month as subscription) for a Limited License. For additional information you can contact [...]

What’s New in Dynamics 365 Business Central (April 2019)


Since debuting last year, Dynamics 365 Business Central has continued NAV’s legacy of quality ERP solutions. No matter how it’s deployed, this can provide numerous benefits to your firm, regardless of industry. With its new April 2019 release, Microsoft has added several changes to their existing system. All of which can directly improve your user experience. [...]