Project Description

The Impact of Business Intelligence

In recent years, more firms are trying to take advantage of the mounting data they’ve acquired. As a result, it’s often hard to make sense of everything to make critical decisions and improve upon your existing development. Eventually many companies find themselves at a continuous disadvantage as their information fails to provide them with any strong insights or important factors to act on.

Previously, many businesses were forced to push everything together into giant summaries that failed to properly document key elements. Often, the most important aspects are buried within your reports and don’t provide enough background to take immediate action.

Bringing it together under one system, while deconstructing your data, is known as Business Intelligence (BI) and can improve how you perform as an organization. To organize these items, different companies have adapted some form of BI software to better synthesize their information and create more comprehensive overviews.

Crystal Reports For SAP B1

Within SAP Business One is a program that can help make sense of all your data without major issues. Crystal Reports allows you to comb through large amounts of information from a whole variety of sources. Instead of spending hours going through different databases looking for the right items, you can have it all at your fingertips in less time than to provide a consistent stream of information and insights.

Integrated into your various databases including Microsoft Excel, Oracle and SAP Business Objects, Your reports will have the most accurate and relevant items from any ongoing searches. Adding a visualized element to your data, this creates a better outlook for your firm. Whether you’re using basic charts or graphics to illustrate reports, all of which can be accommodated. If you’re inputting videos to these summaries, various formats are also configurable to your reports.

Similarly, you can export completed reports into Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF, XML to make them universally accessible, allowing for more employees to see the same information and use it to their advantage. When combined with your existing B1 system, Crystal Reports can enhance your solution and provide you with comprehensive information. Creating a foundation for better business decisions and stronger growth for your firm, this tool can change the way you perform.