Project Description


Epicor Training is not only pivotal, but essential to the function of an ERP software solution. When selecting an Enterprise Resource Planning system, the first question asked must be, “Who can train us?”

Purchasing an ERP solution for a business is an important decision in any company’s development. Being prepared to use the software properly and accurately has far more reaching outcomes than the original implementation. Providing an option like Epicor Training can greatly benefit a company attempting to learn everything they can. Finding this form of support can make the difference between success or failure.

Our Epicor Training can be designed to train all of your end users, or train your ‘power users’ to train your end users as we call ‘train the trainer.’  We use some of the latest technology options to extend the value and retention ability of your training.  This includes the option of recording your training sessions and posting them to a video library so as users either forget areas, or new people are hired, they can quickly come up to speed without a complete billable retraining process.

We can also fully document your specific business process to ensure your Epicor Training revolves around how you run your business, along with any custom workflows and enhancements that have been made.  Learning the ‘generic’ Epicor ERP solution may not do your end users justice in their real world day to day activities.

At Clients First, understanding what makes up ERP is not only our specialty, it’s our passion. As a “Product Agnostic” software partner, we’re geared towards finding the best solution for you, not our bottom line. Knowing what makes these options valuable additions to your workplace are important, knowing how to use them is critical.

From the very start, our team is set to provide any answer to your various concerns or questions. Any ongoing issues will be addressed in a timely fashion, allowing for a smooth transition for your business. Our primary task will be determining a solution that will fully support all aspects of your company.

Regardless of the industry, or company size, we will support the software to the best of its ability. Despite the differences in how certain firms operate, our goal is to understand what makes you a distinct enterprise. Determining these aspects are key to developing an outcome that will be satisfactory for all.

Eventually, when upgrades are made to your program, we’re fully geared to helping you update to these changes. As these expansions and revisions are released, keeping you informed and prepared will be essential. All of which will greatly benefit your company in providing the best available options.

Clients First Business Solutions also provides a free no charge website for both our clients and prospective clients to see demonstrations and training content on dozens of areas which is being expanded upon monthly at our Epicor ERP Training site.

Making the switch to ERP software is a challenge for some firms. Epicor Training, or training for any solution, can ease that tension as this transformation is made. Finding the best solution is only one element of transitioning for a company. Without proper training, a selection may prove more frustrating than beneficial to your goals. With Clients First, working directly with our customers for the best possible training isn’t for us, but your goals.