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How to Reduce your Epicor Processing Fees

Epicor is a powerful accounting tool that allows businesses to efficiently manage finances. It’s also a convenient way to accept credit cards.

However, there’s a lot that goes into credit card processing fees. If you don’t fully understand how credit card fees work, you could be getting overcharged without even knowing it.

With the right strategy and execution, you can reduce your Epicor credit card processing costs.

Here are five simple ways to reduce your Epicor credit card fees and get affordable credit card processing for your business.

1.    Use an Epicor payment integration

A payment processing integration for Epicor, such as EBizCharge, passes more information through the point of sale. Line-item details and invoice information already stored in Epicor are automatically passed to a PCI-compliant payment gateway. This process lowers processing costs by qualifying credit cards at Level 3 and reducing interchange fees with every transaction, saving you money every month.

Payment integrations also eliminate employees’ daily tasks, giving you more time for more essential work. Since integrations automatically update payments to the general ledger, there’s no need for an employee to reenter transaction data into Epicor. This automation simplifies the payment process and saves your business time.

Using a payment integration is a great way to significantly reduce Epicor credit card fees, simplify payment acceptance, and automate the accounting process.

2. Choose a PCI-compliant payment gateway

Payment gateways facilitate credit card transactions by linking transaction information between the credit card network and the card issuing bank to authorize the payment. Once transactions are approved, payment gateways pass funds from your customer’s credit card into your merchant account.

Since this process deals with sensitive credit card information, it’s important to make sure data is handled by a PCI-compliant payment gateway. A PCI-compliant payment gateway meets all PCI specifications set by the Payment Card Industry.

A payment gateway that’s not PCI compliant is less safe and could result in data breaches and thousands of dollars in credit card fraud.

Processing with a PCI-compliant payment gateway minimizes security risks and protects your business from hefty fines. In fact, not being PCI compliant could cost your business as much as $500,000 per month in fees. (Source)

3. Select a flat rate pricing option

To lower your Epicor credit card fees, look for a payment processor that offers flat rate pricing.

Flat rate pricing guarantees one flat rate no matter what. With flat rate pricing, your business will receive one simple statement each month with a predictable rate.

Stay away from providers that offer tiered pricing, because tiered pricing almost always increases your processing rates. With tiered pricing, processors typically offer a qualified rate which is very low and hide their margin behind a much higher non-qualified rate.

With flat rate pricing, you can process credit cards in Epicor at the same low rate each month without having to pay any additional transaction fees.

4. Watch out for hidden fees

Unfortunately, many processors don’t have their clients’ best interests in mind. Some processors will try to conceal hidden fees in your contact and hope you don’t find them. Read your statements and contracts carefully and choose a provider that will help your business grow, not take advantage of you.

A processor should be transparent with nothing to hide. Look for a provider with no early termination fees, free in-house customer support, and an experienced chargeback management team.

5. Get 24/7 customer support

You’ve probably heard the old saying “time is money.” You can’t afford to spend hours on hold while you wait for support to solve your problem. You need answers quickly.

If you have an angry customer calling you on a Saturday morning, demanding to know why their card was charged or why their payment didn’t go through, you want your processor to be available.

In fact, 91% of unhappy customers will not willingly do business with you again. (Source)

Look for a provider that offers 24/7, in-house customer support so you can get the help you need at any time. You’ll be able to speak with a live representative who can quickly resolve your problems. You should also know your account manager and be able to contact them directly with any questions regarding your account.



Credit card fees are a necessary part of running a business. Without the right strategy, they can add up and take away from your bottom line. Fortunately, these five techniques can simplify payment acceptance and make it more affordable to process credit cards in Epicor.